The Parker Foundation’s Disaster Relief Incentive seeks to support and partner with local communities to recover from and prepare for natural disaster events. We gives direct funding for disaster preparation as well as funds to get communities back on their feet after a natural disasters event.

Our founders have public service, emergency first response, and education roots. We remain deeply committed to the further improvement and advancement of these traits in underprivileged and rural communities to achieve broad advances for the benefit of the general public.

The goals for the Disaster Relief Grant incentive follow in the footsteps of this philosophy;

  • Support the disaster prevention and disaster recovery of the community. Grants in this category are core to our mission. We are committed to assisting neighboring communities throughout the United States to prepare for and/or recover from unplanned disasters. We make grants to nonprofits and governments for projects under this incentive to further this motivation.

    Examples of projects;

  • Disaster relief supplies,

  • Temporary housing, food and water for communities struck by a disaster event,

  • Land and park equipment to mitigate flooding disasters using open space.


Additionally, with this incentive, we look for grants that further the following aspirational goals:

  • Broad reach. The grant awarded will benefit the widest subset of the entire community. We believe your grant should not only benefit the underprivileged in your community but also benefit the broader community at large.

  • Matching Funds. We want to see your community’s commitment to disaster prevention and recovery. While not required, preference will be given to communities that provide some level of matching funds.

  • Established Disaster Preparedness and Mitigation Plan. While not required, preference will be given to communities with an established Disaster Preparedness and Mitigation Plan and can show a compelling case of how their proposal relates to said plan. Note: If your community does not have an established Disaster Preparedness and Mitigation Plan, a grant for creating a Disaster Preparedness and Mitigation Plan should be your first step.


Rural Community

The Census Bureau defines rural as any population, housing, or territory NOT in an urban area. For this grant, we define rural communities – as a municipality, town or county in the United States with a population of fewer than 50,000 people.

Underprivileged Community

For the purpose of this grant, we define an underprivileged community as an enclave of people in an area where the average income is below 1.5 times the US poverty line, notwithstanding population density.

Measures of Success

Success under this grant will be measured by 1) grant recipient measurable outcomes and their anticipated timeline, 2) the overall number of citizens assisted, and, 3) partial or full completion of your community-established Disaster Preparedness and Mitigation Plan.

Apply for a Grant

If you have a project you think fits into the above goals, check to see if you are eligible and if so, please click the button below to apply for a grant. If you have questions about these goals, contact us at: