All about our incentives

We have created programs that will help rural and underprivileged people in various communities.


Education Incentive

In today’s world, information is becoming increasingly valuable. A person without higher education can hardly count on a good highly paid position. Moreover, in most cases, success directly depends on education and qualifications.

Disaster Relief Incentive

A large number of gifted children from among orphans and low-income families, for material reasons, remain outside the coverage of music and art schools, centers for children’s creativity, and do not have conditions for the development of their abilities.
Sometimes it is enough just to give children the opportunity to present their talents in public, to receive recognition or another form of support, and society can in their person get talented artists, designers, musicians, singers, dancers.

Safety Equipment Incentive

Life is full of bright colors and happy moments, but often trouble knocks on a carefully created positive world and comfortable life.
First of all, assistance is provided to citizens who, as a result of a natural disaster, fire, man-made disaster, lost the largest part of their property and necessities.